Mid-Term Paper

For the mid-term paper, which is worth 20% of your final grade, you must choose two images and analyze them. Your analysis must be in either a .pdf or .doc format, must contain reproductions of the images you have chosen and must be between one and two pages in length. No document more than two pages in length (including the reproduction of the discussed imagery) will be accepted.

FIRST IMAGE- you must choose any advertisement you wish and explain through analysis how it explores or defines GENDER.

SECOND IMAGE-you must choose any image from my Power Point presentation Looking_1 (downloadable on this page) and analyze its historical context.

In your paper, try and refer to your method of analysis (Panowfsky, Fry, Barthes, Szarkowsky) as well as the cultural and historical symbols represented in the images.

The paper is DUE on MAY 2nd and must be mailed to the following addresses (BOTH) : edward.rozzo@unibocconi.it AND info@edwardrozzo.it



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