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It is with great pleasure that I am presenting two new courses for the A.A. 2012/2013, one on Brand, media & consumption for the Department of Marketing with Prof. Stefano Pace and a new course for CLEACC on Cinema and contemporary discourse (working title). These new courses will allow me to study and analyze new aspects of cultural capital and how it influences both consumption as well as the self. Hope to see many of you in the new classes. 


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I know that everyone is worried about exams. As I said in class, if you’ve paid attention, if you’ve read the books, if you’ve thought about what this course is about, then you are ALMOST prepared for the exam. You must practice looking at images and objects and continue asking yourself, “what does this represent?” Nothing appears as it is by chance, everything has a reason and it is your job to look for those reasons and learn to express them.

Don’t worry about your exam, learn how to ask yourself questions about everything you see. By using the methods we’ve used all year long in class and by learning to express what you instinctively feel, you will find yourself able to make more and more complex analysis of what you see. In this way you will understand how relative all understanding is.

Good luck!


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Mid-Term Paper

For the mid-term paper, which is worth 20% of your final grade, you must choose two images and analyze them. Your analysis must be in either a .pdf or .doc format, must contain reproductions of the images you have chosen and must be between one and two pages in length. No document more than two pages in length (including the reproduction of the discussed imagery) will be accepted.

FIRST IMAGE- you must choose any advertisement you wish and explain through analysis how it explores or defines GENDER.

SECOND IMAGE-you must choose any image from my Power Point presentation Looking_1 (downloadable on this page) and analyze its historical context.

In your paper, try and refer to your method of analysis (Panowfsky, Fry, Barthes, Szarkowsky) as well as the cultural and historical symbols represented in the images.

The paper is DUE on MAY 2nd and must be mailed to the following addresses (BOTH) : AND


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Looking at photographs

Here are the Power Point presentations I use in class. Use these images only as reference images. Do NOT publish them on any web site or blog. Use these files in order to practice looking and analyzing imagery on your own. The final oral exam is based on your capabilities in analyzing images like these.

Looking_1 – DOCU_MEM – Weston – Man-Ray – ATGET – PARR – Windows & Desire – FASHION







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Corso di fotografia per principianti

ESPLORARE L’IMAGE-MAKING : un corso di fotografia per principianti con Edward Rozzo

Presso MUSICOPOLI, Via Boifava 17, Milano:; 333.8366044 – Andrea

6 lezioni per chiunque voglia fare immagini. Dai concetti di base alla tecnica utile per capire image-making. Conoscere il mondo dell’immagine con EDWARD ROZZO.

Corso di 6 incontri, 2 ore cad. Ogni Sabato mattina dalle 10:30 alle 12:30, dal 26 febbraio 2011 al 2 aprile 2011.

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Hello to all. Here’s the course content for our Critique of Contemporary Culture class 30106 at Università Bocconi. Download the PDF file here:COURSE SYLLABUS_10

Buy the four obligatory books NOW! Don’t wait until the end of the year. They are available at the Bocconi Egea Bookstore or on There is NO excuse for you not having the books. If you can’t find something immediately at the Egea Bookstore on campus, order from Amazon. It takes a maximum of two weeks to receive the books if they are in stock. See you soon!

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How do we get people to start thinking visually?

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you look the way you do. Aside from physical traits, think of how much of your facial “look” is determined by what you decide. So start thinking visually!

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